God Bless George Renninger, and Happy Halloween!

Though his name may not be familiar to you, George Renninger is a man whom we, as a society, owe a lot to. He invented candy corn. That’s right: CANDY CORN!

Unfortunately, not much is known about George, except that he invented candy corn while working at Wunderlee Candy Company in the 1880s. There is no historical documentation of how he exactly gave birth to the delicious, kernel shaped, tri-colored confection, but sufficed to say, we are all happy he did.  In the 1900s, the Goelitz Candy Company (now known as Jelly Belly) started mass producing candy corn. (I suspect that George did not profit as much as he should have from his invention, but let’s not think about that for now.) Today, 8.3 billion kernels of candy corn are sold every year.

On this Halloween day, we will eat our fun size Snickers, chomp on some Twix and digest handfuls of M&Ms, but none of these treats hold a candle to dear ole candy corn.

George, wherever you are, we raise our glasses to you to say: Happy Halloween!