Cool girl: Kelly, 13, Jewelry Queen












The word "decoupage" is clunky, and it makes us think of the Home Shopping Network and Rosie O'Donnell. But thirteen-year-old Kelly Alexandra is changing our perspective with her carefully constructed floral decoupage necklaces and her Chinese decoupage earrings with black crystal beads and satin ribbon. Some of her jewelry takes days to create by hand, so that makes her like a teen couture queen in her hometown of Dallas, Texas.

Starting at age nine, Kelly took jewelry-making lessons at Momminia Avant Garde Jewelry in Cold Spring, New York. (Um, I think my only jewelry-making lessons were in the summer camp craft hut with lanyard and gimp as my tools. Friendship bracelets? I'm a master.) But Kelly was after a more... sophisticated style, not to mention she wanted to make pieces that would last.








At eleven, Kelly started spending her weekly allowance on semi-precious stones and equipment. Two years later, she's designing for charity fashion shows around Dallas, and is poised to break into the national circuit. Pretty good for someone who hasn't started high school yet.