Rant: Girls can also play music, jerks


Today I read a post on the popular indie music blog Brooklyn Vegan. I clicked on a post about a new girl band called the Vivian Girls from Brooklyn, NY. As a person of the female persuasion who has spent many hours figuring out how to play Beatles and Weezer songs on my trusty guitar, I’m all about girls doing the rock ‘n’ roll thing.

Except, when I read the comments on the post, I pretty much turned into the Incredible Hulk (well, the female, Japanese version). It was full of idiotic, jerky, misogynist comments towards the members of the band, ranging from sexual insults to remarks questioning their musical talent.

Excuse me?

Am I mistaken, or are there hundreds of bands out there. I don’t see anyone talking smack on any male bands. Like, “Oh, that Patrick Stump could lose a few pounds.

Click here to read it for yourself.