Like Water for Jewelry

We're of the opinion that everyday items can be really pretty. If, you know, you can see them artistically. Okay, maybe not dirty socks, but even dust bunnies have their whimsical moments. And there's something especially pretty about water mid-drop, before it makes that annoying drip, drip, drip sound. So, obviously, this Water Faucet Necklace is based on just the right moment in time. That would be Before the Fall.

The designer behind the necklace used reclaimed sterling silver and glass to make the retro faucet-head-with-water-drop pendant. Which is pretty cool because in addition to being cute, it's also eco-friendly, just like water itself. Haha.

The Water Faucet pendant measures 1.75" long and comes on a 20" long sterling silver chain. Order from Also, there's free shipping. Sweet.