All You Need is Love Is All

Our favorite Scandinavian country is Sweden (don’t tell Norway and Denmark we said that).  Besides awesome modular furniture and affordable jeans, Sweden has also given birth to some amazing music: the Cardigans, the Hives, the Sounds, Peter Bjorn and John, Shout Out Louds and the mighty and great ABBA.  Today, the tradition continues with the release of Love Is All’s sophomore album, A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night. 

A five-piece band from Gothenburg, Love Is All blasted onto the American music scene in 2006 with its debut release, Nine Times That Same Song, a beautiful mess of noise that summoned the spirit of punk rock. They disappeared for a bit (apparently doing grown-up things like getting married and having babies), but adulthood hasn’t slowed them down—A Hundred Things possesses the same raw energy they exuded two years ago. This band doesn’t thrive on melodic phrasing or lyrical composition, so all you Clay Aiken fans should just stop reading now (and seriously, stop listening to him!). Love Is All is fast, frenetic, raw, panicked: it's like digital Red Bull.

A Hundred Things is out today. Listening to it will help you do a number of things faster: clean your room, eat your dinner, doing your taxes. But they won’t be held responsible for indigestion or being audited. That's your fault.

Here's one of our favorite tracks! (And no, the band doesn't normally dress up like zombies; this was for Halloween.)