Baby-Saving Bird

In general, birds-as-pets can be a bit squawky. They’re constantly going on and on about… well, who knows what? I mean, if they can say three words, that’s cute. For five minutes. But recently, we read a story that cast chatty birds in a new light. Because if a parrot can save a baby, we shouldn’t really be talking smack.

According to AOL news, this month in Denver, a two-year-old started choking on a pop tart while her babysitter, Meagan, was in the bathroom. A pet parrot, Willie, started flapping his wings and saying, “Mama, baby! Mama, baby!” over and over.

Meagan ran out, saw the toddler turning blue, performed the Heimlich quickly and saved the day! Can it be long before there’s a movie version of Willie the Parrot’s life? We think not. Nice job, bird.

Note: The image shown is not, in fact, Willie the Parrot. He's a reenactor parrot.