Cooking Mama...Kills Animals?

If you dabble in video games, then you’re probably familiar with Cooking Mama, the popular Nintendo game where you chop, boil, slice and dice your way to high scores. In comparison to World of War Craft and Grand Theft Auto, what could be more innocent than a smiley woman cooking a wholesome meal, right? WRONG. Members of PETA have raised their fists in protest, because Mama likes to cook meat!  In hopes of making Mama more vegetarian-friendly—hello tofu, goodbye pork—the animal rights group have made their own version of Cooking Mama, where you bloodily gut and pluck the feathers off a very sad looking turkey. PETA’s website states:

“She looks innocent enough—a happy woman who has a twinkle in her eye and loves to cook—but if you take just a minute to think about what happens to the animals who are killed for Mama's meals, a fun cooking game no longer seems quite so innocent.”

Go to their website to, uh, make friends with Mr. Turkey. Will it make you buy a tofurkey this Thanksgiving?