Daisy Rock Guitars

Everyone should learn to play an instrument. It doesn’t matter if it’s the piano, violin, French horn or Didgeridoo, what matters is the joy that playing music brings to your life (if you can play the Didgeridoo, color me very impressed and a bit jealous). However, in my humble opinion, few instruments can top the fun of the electric guitar. The power! The whammy bar! The loud noises you can make! With just three simple chords, you can play the entire Ramones oeuvre. But instead of your basic black axe or classic sunburst model, why not go for something with a little more pizazz? Perhaps, something with...sparkle? This is why we love Daisy Rock guitars.

Daisy Rock guitars are especially made with female guitarists in mind, because they're lighter and the neck is slimmer, so it’s easier for smaller hands to play. The best part is they are really great instruments, meaning you aren’t sacrificing quality for cuteness The guitar you see is the Rock Candy Special in Pink Metro, retailing for $399.20 at Daisy Rock. But it doesn't stop at pink -- head over to their web site to check out their various models in lots of pretty colors. Perhaps you'll be adding one of them to your wish list this year? Rock it.