Fight Flyaway Hair!

Not sure where everyone lives, but here in New York City, we’re experiencing our first bout of extremely cold weather. The kind that makes your nose run and eyes water and yell: “HOLY CRAP. IT’S FREAKIN’ COLD.” The drop in temperatures not only brings out the mittens and gloves, but also a seasonal set of beauty problems: chapped lips, dry skin, and an unbecoming red nose. But my personal demon is flyaway hair. If you’re like me and have fine straight hair, the dry air makes your locks look unruly, frizzy and scraggly, much like a Muppet character's (see: Beaker).

Since I’m not a fan of hair products (they often just weigh my hair down or smell bad), I turn to my go-to solution to combat flyaway hair: dryer sheets! Just like Bounce and Snuggle fight static cling, they also get rid of the static in your hair. One swipe through your hair and those wispy flyaways will lay flat. And you’ll smell so fresh and so clean.