Teens Turn Green into Glamour

Listen, we all love lipstick and eye shadow and mascara, not to mention the air of mystery a girl creates when she changes her nail color from hard candy pink to sparkling black satin. The truth is, though, not all makeup is especially good for the environment—or for you. That’s where Teens For Safe Cosmetics comes into play.

Their mission is “to inform teens about an all-encompassing eco-lifestyle, beginning with greener alternative choices in cosmetics and personal care products as many ingredients have links to cancer, birth defects, and reproductive harm.”

Those are scary thoughts, and these girls are making strides in ensuring that more cosmetics companies produce safe products. In 2007, they spoke at a hearing in San Francisco to fight for laws in support of Nail Salon workers. This year, they took the floor again, this time at a hearing to ban lead in lipstick.

And they’re not just raising a ruckus, they’re also creating solutions themselves with the Teens Turning Green Collection of environmentally conscious beauty products, on sale at Whole Foods stores across the country.

Color us impressed (and, of course, totally green).