RevitaLash: it works!

My friend works in the beauty department of a fancypants fashion magazine. Lucky for me, I benefit from this because she’ll occasionally hand over a bag of leftover products: shampoo, lip gloss, lotion…toilet paper (just kidding). The last time I received my free bag-o-stuff, there was something I’d never seen before. It was called RevitaLash. RevitaLash comes in a mascara-like silver tube. It’s a clear liquid that you brush on like liquid eyeliner, that claims to make your lashes look “longer, thicker, and fuller!” Thinking to myself, I wasn’t born yesterday, RevitaLash! I  did a little research and discovered it was invented by a doctor whose wife underwent chemotherapy and wanted to develop a product to help her eyelashes grow back.

After determining that applying this stuff to my eyes was not going to make me go blind or turn me into a Gremlin (I have an active imagination), I began to apply RevitaLash every night as recommended. I swear I was not paid by RevitaLash to say this, BUT THE STUFF WORKS! Even on my skimpy Asian eyelashes, in a few weeks, I saw major results. Even friends noticed the sudden fullness and length of my lashes. I felt like Bambi.

Readers, I will not lie: this stuff is pricey! One tube will set you back $150, but for you bargain shoppers, you can find it in eBay for around $50-$60. Conclusion? The results rule, but the price drools.