Stay-Home Shopping

Today is the biggest shopping day of the year, and therefore we cannot think of anything more nightmarish than going shopping. The crowds! The checkout lines! The thrashed merchandise! Yee-uck. Here are three sites we love for stay-in shopping and saving.

1.    Sharp Lily This blogger always manages to find affordable and chic items, and she notes the best sales on the web. Her motto? “You don’t need tons of cash to look money.”

2.    La Redoute Though you may have to slog through some not-perfect pieces, this French version of H&M has the right prices, plus designer partners like Christian LaCroix and Laura Clement.

3.    Buy Olympia Handmade stuff from cool artsy types. What could be better?

Pictured: Fern Leaves Hair Fastener from niceLena on Buy Olympia.