One Last Thing About Election Day

Don’t know about you, but along with Oprah, we are still coming down from last week’s super titillating, exciting election results. Though news of the Obama victory obviously overtook the nation and the world, in California there was some interesting legislation being decided on that you might not know about. On November 4, millions of Californians voted on Prop. 4, an initiative to prohibit abortions to minors without parental or legal guardian consent. In other words, if passed, a girl under the age of 18 wouldn’t be able to have an abortion until after a physician notified her parents.

Proponents argued that by informing a legal caregiver, it would ensure the safety of the girl; those against said it could drive girls to seek risky methods of termination, if the idea of telling her parents was not an option. Prop. 4 ended up being denied, with 52.3% voting against it.

But isn’t it funny how the people most affected by this legislation had no say in deciding the outcome? Those under the age of 18 are too young to vote, yet would be the ones having to deal with consequences. Obviously, any parent would prefer their child to come to them in a time of need, and wouldn't we rather have the support of mom or dad anyway? But, unfortunately, for some that isn’t an option and that’s why Californians, thankfully, said “No” to Prop. 4.