Your Shirt: A History

Sometimes you have t-shirts in your closet that you never wear, that really don’t fit and that are just plain clutter. But the thing is, they have a history. You know your shirts' back stories, which makes them special. And you just can’t see your beloved band tee put into a thrift store where no one will recognize that you wore it on the first day of 7th grade! We understand. And we've found a solution.

Re-Shirt is an Austrian company that resells secondhand tees. When you donate a shirt, you record its history—why you bought it, when you wore it, what’s to love—so the person who picks it up knows just what it’s been through. Awesome, no?

The people at Re-Shirt wonder if knowing an item of clothing’s history will increase its value and make it last longer. That is certainly true of the t-shirt I wore to Busch Gardens when my 9th grade crush finally talked to me. Um, still have it. But I might be willing to Re-Shirt it. One day.

Pictured: A shirt once used as a rain hat in Vegas, from Rafi in France.