5 Things: Gifts of Indie

Admittedly, I'm not very crafty myself, but I love DIY girls. That's why I worship indie designers and the cool stuff they make, not to mention what a bargain it often is. Below, five of our latest finds. Supplies are limited (which kind of makes them extra cool) so snap something up if you like it! 1. One, Two, Three set of mini-tag notebooks ($16) at Three Potato Four. Handmade by designer ErinZam, these screen-printed and hand-stitched bound books are good for your many musings or pasted-in ticket stubs or photos or other paper delights. And they make me sing Feist songs all day.

2. Vintage owl earrings ($14) at Shanalogic, by Shana Logic. Vintage plastic owls dangling from your ears--hot. And they're not creepy owls, they're all tucked in and cute. Available in turquoise, pink and white.

3. Puddle Jumper tee ($15) at buyolumpia, by Sarah Utter. I'm a sucker for the umbrella shape--it's unparalleled. And this shirt is designed by Sarah Utter of "Reading is Sexy" fame, who uses American Apparel tees, so you know it's all soft and blended well.

4.  Pods frame clutch wallet ($32) at etsy, by kailochic. Ah, the kissing clasp. I love it. Also, this silver framed beauty is both a clutch and a wallet, which makes it a two-fer. And a pretty one at that.

5. Acrylic Diamond Rings ($10 each) at elsewares. Diamond rings can be a little much, but that iconic shape? Awesome. These silhouettes are 1/4" thick and they stack well too. Sweet.