Blog Love: The Fashion-y Blog

We love our fashion bloggers at I Heart Daily. We'll choose them over an issue of Vogue anyday. One of our favorites is The Fashion-y Blog, written by Kori Perten, 18. Her girly-tomboy taste is impeccable and she knows how to translate her affection for designer clothes into affordable outfits. Kori started blogging when she came down with a virus-induced illness in February 2007. "I could do little more than lie around on the couch with my laptop," she explains. "I started to shop online and look at fashion blogs. At some point I realized I was dying to share my finds and opinions with other people. The blog connected me to people who shared my enthusiasm for fashion, and a chance to indulge my other enthusiasm -- writing." Happily, today Kori is much healthier, but she is still "rambling away on the blog, posting pictures like a crazy person."  Kori: don't ever stop being crazy. The Internet would be a much sadder place without your stylish musings.  Keep on reading to find out what she'd buy if she could blow her college tuition on a shopping spree.

I Heart Daily: Who are your favorite designers? Kori Perten: I am constantly drooling over Anna Sui's work; it's so quirky and colorful and just plain gorgeous. I also have a soft spot for Betsey Johnson's playful girly-girl vibe, and Rodarte (designed by the Mulleavy sisters) never fails to amaze me with its intricate, beautiful, larger-than-life fairytale garments. Luella, too, has earned my complete and utter adoration with her feminine, rock 'n roll London style. Oh, and Chanel of course. It's classic but with a hint of edge, and Karl Lagerfeld has done genius, genius things with it. IHD: What are your favorite stores to shop at? KP: Ideally I would gather unique pieces from vintage stores and well-designed boutiques, but alas I have a typical teenage shortage of time and money. Instead, I mostly shop at places like Target (I like the Go: International and Converse lines), Forever 21, and Nordstrom, with occasional trips to H&M and Urban Outfitters when I get a chance.

IHD: What's on your wish list right now? KP: If I was willing to pay with my college tuition, I'd love a pair of studded lace-up Docs, a certain Rodarte cardigan, a Balenciaga motorcycle bag, and, oh, a thousand other things. In reality, I am wishing (and searching) for fingerless driving gloves, a faux leather bomber jacket, yet another plaid flannel button-down (I cannot get enough), a nicer pair of combat boots, and maybe some fun studded cuffs.

IHD: Who are your style muses? KP: I find style inspiration everywhere. In particular, I am addicted to street style and the outfit photos of other fashion bloggers. I find a lot of inspiration in books (I'm a book fiend!) about anything from famous artists to dreamy LA girls like Weetzie Bat (from Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block.) Women like Kate Lanphear, Mary-Kate Olsen, Emmanuelle Alt, '80s Madonna, Frida Kahlo, Carrie Bradshaw, and Audrey Hepburn also serve as muses. IHD: Best reader comment you've ever gotten? KP: My readers are fantastic; knowledgeable, passionate, smart, and funny. Just recently a girl commented on a body image-related post of mine, saying that she has been struggling to overcome an eating disorder. She ended her comment by saying, "Body image is so overrated now. Skinny is out. Self-acceptance is in." I thought that was amazing.