Instant Rockstar

We're all about Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and we've had our music dreams (who hasn't?), so when we stumbled upon Now Play It, we were stoked, to say the least. The site showcases instructional videos on how to play your favorite songs, and the videos are done by the artist who wrote or performs the song you're learning. And we're not talking D-list artists here. Songs from musicians like David Bowie, Coldplay, Lily Allen and Paul McCartney are on here. How cool is that?

"Full Tutorials" are one-on-one with an artist, and they're shot in the house, studio or on tour. Each lesson is 15-25 minutes long, and you'll learn about the chords, techniques and equipment used for the song. Those aren't free, but they're cheap! Around $6 gets you a Full Tutorial, or you can download a "Lite" version for around $3. Plus, you can play them on your iPod.

And if you don't feel like spending cash, there is a ton of free content on the site, like KT Tunstall's use of pedal technique, and a few intro to chords video that beginners (uh, like me) need.

The only question is: Are you ready to rock?