Mmm... m&m's

I've always loved m&m's, partially because when I was younger, my dad used to put two together, one upside-down, and make it look like my initials, "mw." I thought that was so cool. And now I like them because they taste good and they keep inventing new colors and sizes (minis rule) and they're just generally a classic candy. Plus, I can put my face on them.

Objects you can adorn with photos--like stamps and calendars and stickers--are just plain fun, and now I'm really into the new personalized m&m's. Imagine: any image you want on a colorful candy shell (you even get to choose the color and some words to go along with it!). Maybe I'll make a literary set with a book jacket, or a cute photo of my mom for her birthday, or even a picture of a frenemy whom I can bite into. Is that twisted?

Well, either way, it's sweet to have your face on candy.

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt, Pink Sherbet Photography