On Sale: Threadless Tees

Many of you may be familiar with Threadless, the online community store that sells hundreds and hundreds of amazing shirts, printed with fun designs, illustrations and catchy slogans. Members submit their designs that are then voted on by the public; the winners get their shirts made and sold through the site. (Which means you aspiring graphic designers can get in on the action, too!) Right now Threadless is running its super holiday sale, selling a selected portion of their catalog for $5, $10 and $15. It's a perfect opportunity to add to your wardrobe, or for those last minute holiday gifts. We're fans of this simple black tee called "Living in Harmony" ($10), because sometimes you want to enjoy the soothing pluckings of an acoustic guitar, and other times you want to rock out to the maximum. In real life, such a guitar doesn't exist, but on a shirt, all your dreams can come true.

This shirt and many more are available at Threadless. Get 'em before they sell out--they're going fast!