Read Before Banging

We're not huge fans of Jenny Humphrey's new I'm-a-bad-girl-now haircut on "Gossip Girl"--it's a little fringe-fest for our tastes. We do, however, love bangs when they're done well, like the piece-y perfection gracing Miss Katy Perry's forehead these days. Now, a guide to what works best for oval, round, heart-shaped, and square faces:

Oval According to our beauty mavens, this is the most versatile face shape. "Send a thank-you letter to the genetic lottery, because you can rock any type of bangs you like," says Amber Katz, editor of Beauty Blogging Junkie. Yay!

Round "Choose a fringe that's cut longer on the sides than it is in the center," advises Katz. "This will slim fuller cheeks."

Heart-Shaped "The thicker the bang, the better," says Jamie Allison Sanders, Editor-in-Chief of The Beauty of Life, adding that bold bangs help to offset an angled jaw.

Square Katz recommends lengthy, sweeping bangs. "The long, curved effect that this style creates along your forehead balances more angular features."

Just some tips in case you're thinking of going Bang.