Poladroid: Shaking It

Polaroid pictures are iconic in the galaxy of modeling go-sees and photo shoots and general fabulousness, partly because there's something about their grainy exposure, the streaking light and the glossy-center-framed-in-matte-white that makes everyone look instantly cool. So the news that Polaroid film was finito left many in the fashion industry bereft. But now, there's a little bit of sunshine in the instant-photo world: Poladroid!

Poladroid is a site that lets you download your very own virtual Poladroid camera for free! It sits on your desktop and invites you to drag & drop photos. Then, it makes the taking-a-picture noise that a real Polaroid camera would (which is incredibly satisfying) and your photo slowly starts to develop into a virtual, high-resolution Poladroid, complete with red grease pencil mark (the stamp of Photo and Art Directors) when it's finished developing.