It Works! Natural Deodorant

I've been searching for an all-natural deodorant for a very long time. Those hippie crystal sticks you can get at natural food stores? They don't work. Seriously, don't even go there. Sorry, hippie crystal sticks, but you stink. Despite the fact that I'm afraid of scary ingredient lists on some deodorants, my experiments with "organic" deodorants have left me wary. So it was with a skeptical eye that I approached the Everyday Deodorant ($10) from Glory for Girls, a natural skincare products line that purports to be "fun, fresh, safe and effective." It's that last part I care most about most, at least when it comes to the pits.

I'm not normally a roll-on girl, but I definitely found the Everyday Deodorant heart-worthy. It smells really clean, which is, you know, appropriate. Apparently the featured ingredient is Willowherb, "a soothing, cleansing and healing agent used to treat minor burns, skin rashes and other skin irritations." Cool.

Memories of the hippie crystal debacle are fading fast.