The Red of Winter

I just painted every fingernail on my left hand a different color so I could try out essie’s winter line. “Love, Beverly Hills xx” red ($18) is going to be my January shade, and not just because it's infused with 24 karat gold--but that’s a cool conversation starter. It’s a pretty, shiny red, but not in a Dorothy’s-Ruby-Slippers kind of way--though that look has a place too. The hue is rich with a subtle twinkle, and you can snag the limited edition polish starting next week from essie.

Of note from the regular winter collection is “It’s Genius” ($8), which has a braggadocious name, but luckily, it delivers. Described as “a violet quartz shimmer,” it's instantly identifiable as purple, unlike others that end up looking black. This one is dark enough so that it’s not lavender, but rather a decidedly cool violet. And sometimes a girl needs to rock regal nails.