Charlotte Sometimes Hearts...

I’ve been a fan of Charlotte Sometimes since she was Jessica Charlotte Poland, a 14-year-old prolific songwriter who recorded a homemade live CD. I’m not trying to claim indie cred, like, “I knew her first!” But, seriously, I did. Just saying. Now she's known around the world as Charlotte Sometimes, whose debut album, Waves and the Both of Us (Interscope Geffen Records), spawned the hit song "How I Could Just Kill a Man" (which also has an amazing video).  Here are three of her latest Hearts--the things she's loving right now--exclusively for I Heart Daily:

1. Oxygen Network. “The cable in my apartment has been going nuts lately, but one channel I do get is Oxygen. It's totally my guilty pleasure. I've been watching girl movie after girl movie and loving every second of it. The last one I watched was Cold Mountain and I cried at the end!”

2. Fake eyelashes. “I have huge eyelashes, but when I wear fake ones my eyes look killer. I've been getting the $1.99 ones that N.Y.C. brand makes. It's cheap and easy!”

3. Flowers on the streets of NYC. “I've been buying myself flowers and putting them in my apartment. I know that boys should be getting them for me, but screw that, I can pamper myself, thankya very much!”

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PS-We love Charlotte's nail color pictured above, but she can’t remember the exact shade, just that it’s OPI and has a sexy name. Guesses? Contact us!

Photo: Barnaby Roper