Hear(t) It: Lissy Trullie

Some people are just cool. They look cool, dress cool, have a cool attitude. It's quite an envious trait. Lissy Trullie is one of these people. And I kind of want to hate her, but instead, I'm listening to her music over and over again. Part girl group, part new wave, part garage rock, Lissy Trullie's EP Self-Taught Learner (American Myth Recordings) is simple, no-fuss, three-chord rock music. The Washington D.C. native, who now lives in NYC, made the rounds in NYC djing hipper-than-hip places like the Beatrice Inn, but for now, she's traded in the turntables for a guitar. With a deadpan delivery, her lyrics possess a world weary vibe that sounds like she's lived a lot of stories and been to a lot of places. It's almost like she can't be bothered to sing to us, but wants us to hear anyway. It's uniquely charming.

Music isn't just about how good a song is or if you're a virtuoso, but it's about the feeling it conveys. This is what Lissy Trullie, with her leather jacket and strawberry blond hair, has in spades. The closet feeling I can describe it to is watching Dylan McKay on 90210. He was never going to win an Academy Award, but damn, he was cool.

She kicks off a mini-tour today in Philadelphia. Check out a live video of her performing the title track to her EP, "Self-Taught Learner," then head on over to her MySpace page for more songs and tour dates!