Knitting is Nice!

There are obvious ways to give back to your community, like volunteering for a food shelter or donating money to a favorite charity, but not every altruistic effort has to involve time or money -- sometimes it can be crafty, too!

In Sacramento, CA., Cosumnes River Elementary runs an after-school project called the Knitting Club, where students gather to hone their knitting skills. Wielding a pair of needles used to have a matronly association (remember those "delightful" sweaters grandma gave you for Christmas?), but in recent years, knitting's DIY cred has made it cool to "knit one, purl two." The pastime's even found celebrity fans, like Hillary Duff and Kate Moss (do we see an all-knit TopShop line in the future?).

Besides learning how to make their own winter accessories, the group has a worthy cause: they donate their finished products (tiny caps) to premature babies and scarves and hats to the homeless. Here, here for crafty magnanimity! Knitting is nice.

Inspired to knit? Check out Teen Knitting Club, a book with easy-to-read instructions and simple patterns to get you started.