Obama-ize Me

Welcome to January 20th, 2009, also known as... Inauguration Day! No matter what your political platform is or who you voted for, we can all agree this is an exciting day for our country and the rest of the world, as Barack Hussein Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States of America. Arguably, the most emblematic symbol of this year's presidential campaign was street artist Shepard Fairey's graphic depiction of Barack Obama. The image became so synonymous with the election that a collage version of the picture now resides in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C. -- a piece of modern art mixed in with the traditional portraits of our founding fathers. (Quite apropos for this election, don't you think?)

Unlike Obama, we may not become President, we may never set foot in the White House, and we may never get to meet Oprah, but we can at least look cool like him at Obamicon.me. At this website, courtesy of Paste magazine, you can turn a normal, boring photo of yourself into an iconic image! Simply upload a photo, type in a slogan, click a button and -- voilà! -- you've been Obama-ized.

I think I look pretty awesome. Especially with my one laser-like eyeball.