Once You Pop, You Can't Stop

Happy New Year and welcome to 2009! Ah, a brand new spankin' year. For many, this means making a list of New Year's resolutions, but I gave up doing those in the last millennium: so 1999. Instead, my one task for January 1st is having a new calendar picked out and ready to adorn my wall for the next 365 days. Some years I like an animal themed calendar (kangaroos and dachshunds are favorites). Then there was 2005 -- the year of The O.C. where I wanted every month to be Adam Brody month. Le sigh. But, I digress! This year, I'm poo-pooing the traditional model of the calendar and getting a little wacky: The Bubble Calendar. How genius is this idea? The calendar is covered by a sheet of bubble wrap, so that each day you get to satisfyingly pop your way to a new date. Measuring in at 48" x 18", it's not only a way to keep track of the days, but also a nice piece of art for your wall.

The calendar is available for purchase on the Bubble Calendar site. You can choose either a paper backing ($30) or a limited-edition clear plastic backing ($50). Happy popping! (And though it may be tempting, try not to pop your way to May before winter ends.)