Presidential Style

Yes, the inauguration is a week away, but we plan to be outfitted for it. No matter who you hoped would win, we now have a clear style mandate from the dapper Obama family. Here are a few finds to make sure you’re ready for January 20th, while there’s still time to order: 1.   Obama Post Earrings ($5 a pair). These studs are a cute-and-subtle way to dress up on inauguration day. Dangly versions also available. Read about the making of the Obama icon bead here (it can take up to four hours and involves a crazy shrinkage process!).

2.   Barack Obama Keds ($67). That’s right, our president’s face is on a pair of kicks. You can stick with simple black-and-white, or customize the colors and the trim, which is probably why they’re slightly pricey. Hey, buying a piece of history isn’t cheap.

3.   The Rolling Stone Collection Commemorative T-Shirt ($15). A limited-edition tee made especially for Inauguration Day, this one is washed for softness, so it’ll feel good and age well. Plus, a portion of the proceeds from each shirt go to support Rock the Vote.