Ratatat, This Girl is Where It's At

John Bonham. Ringo Starr. Dave Grohl. Neal Peart. Travis Barker. These names might sound familiar to you because they're all amazing rock drummers. But, it's time to introduce a new name to the list: Sara. Sara (whose last name is certifiably ungoogle-able) is a 13-year-old girl from Japan who wails to the maximum on the drum kit. She's won drumming awards and appeared on TV in Japan, but is a relatively unknown phenom in America. If she were walking down the street, no one would suspect a little rock god behind that ponytail and clean white shirt, but put a pair of sticks in those hands and watch out! A demon is unleashed!

Hands of fire! A foot like a metronome! Sara, we salute your awesomeness and you are an inspiration to those of us who can barely pat our head and rub our tummy at the same time.

Now, get ready to behold Sara in action, playing along to Rush's "YYZ."

We're not worthy! We're not worthy!