RED Hearts: Out, Damn Spots!

RED Hearts are guests posts on I Heart Daily from the authors of RED: Teenage girls in America write on what fires up their lives today. RED Hearts will be posting every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday through February. Today's RED Hearts post is from Saskia Boggs, 18, of Kalamazoo, Michigan, who writes about a zit fix that actually works.

I am 18 years old, and I get a lot of zits.

For the past, oh, five years (at least), I've been searching for the perfect acne medication. I've gone through the washes, the face masks, the treatment pads. I've tried Neutrogena, Clearasil, and Rite-Aid off-brands. I've gone for the tea-tree oil and the chamomile tea.

They all worked… to a degree. With the introduction of each product, my face would clear up slightly for a little while, then stop getting worse. It would stop improving, too, however. After years of this cycle, I resigned myself to a life without clear skin.

And then, I was introduced to Mary Kay's Acne Treatment Gel ($7). I was skeptical at first but I tried it anyway (couldn't hurt, right?). This was a few weeks ago, and not only did my skin clear up more rapidly than I’d ever experienced before, but it also stayed clear. To be exact, I've had a total of two new zits pop up since. Considering I usually get at least five or six a week--we’re talking 15 minimum by now--this is amazing progress. To anyone who still hasn't found the perfect acne treatment, I recommend this to you.

RED Hearts guest poster Saskia Boggs is an author of RED: Teenage girls in America write on what fires up their lives today, which was recently published in paperback.