Snazzy Suds

Usually I’m a plain old Ivory bar girl, but sometimes I want to have fun with my soap. After all, soap is incredibly moldable and dye-able; it’s like the perfect craft medium, next to gimp (that's the plastic lanyard lacing that makes those thick friendship bracelets--Anne thinks it's lame, but I still love my colorful gimp key chain). Ah, how I miss lazy days in the summer camp craft hut. But let’s be honest: I do not make my own soap. That’s why I was thrilled to find LoveLeeSoaps--they know how to get creative.

My current favorite design is this Milk and Honey Mushroom Soap ($4.50), which would look perfect perched by my bathroom sink. Granted, the shape isn’t practical for everyday sudsing, but as a party decoration? Magical.

Other LoveLee creations include the Fruity Soap Kebob ($4), the Banana Moon Pie Soap ($4) and the Strawberry Shortcake Soapsicle ($5). Are you in love yet?