Young Beauties

When we saw the gorgeous look of face boutique’s line, which is formulated especially for young skin, we were really hoping the products inside matched the extraordinarily artistic outside. And… they did! Phew. Don’t you just love it when good things come in pretty packages? A standout product is Peachy Clean Foaming Face Wash ($6.60 for 2.5 fl oz; $20 for 10.14 fl. oz).

It has a soft touch and a light, pleasant smell that doesn’t overpower. The clear liquid creates a little bit of foam, which is always my favorite part of face-washing (it’s a bubble bath for my cheeks!). Plus, Peachy Clean Foaming Face Wash leaves my skin feeling hydrated, but not oily.

The bonus is that face boutique products are free of harmful chemicals (you’d be surprised how many lines let that bad stuff sneak in). Our only wish is that they’d create a facial moisturizer with sunscreen in it. And when we asked, they said, “face boutique is busy working on a non-greasy, low chemical but totally effective version--we'll release it as soon as we are really happy with it.” Cool. Hurry!