Your Teen Bloggie Nominees!

It's awards season. The SAG, People's Choice and Golden Globes have already come and gone. Now we wait for the Grand Poobah of all awards. We're not talking about the Oscars, we're talking about the Bloggies--the Web's longest-running blog awards! Today, we feature the five stupendous blogs nominated in the category of Best Teen Weblog. After you check all of them out, go vote for your favorite at the Bloggies site. (One more thing: I Heart Daily is also up for a Bloggie in the category of Best Group Weblog! How 'bout dem apples? We won't twist your arm, but cast a vote for us if you please. Voting closes on Monday, February 2!)

Now, on to the nominees!


Smartypants who aspires to become a supreme court judge one day

Favorite ways to procrastinate: "My chosen methods are endless, but the most common include: instant messaging, reading blogs, posting on Snark Forums, creepin' around Facebook, designing and coding new layouts (but never putting them up), watching TV, and reading Arrested Development quotes online."

Oh Clementine

The witty musings and writing of an aspiring teen author

Favorite blogs: "I really enjoy reading Lene's blog ( and Sarai's ( I'm also a fan of Kaylee's writing [of Reliquesce], and I'm thrilled that she's nominated as well!


Book lover who spills her heart and words into her blog

Currently reading: "The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and I love it!"

Foodie at Fifteen

Teenage foodie who writes about his apprenticeship at Lacroix at the Rittenhouse

How to know if he likes you: "If my present to you is food, I care; if you get a Border's gift card, you're chopped liver."

Sea of Shoes

Fashion-forward maven with an envious closet full of designer duds

Tips for walking in high heels: "Wear them every day, at least for a little while. If you have a pair of shoes that you find uncomfortable, force yourself to wear them so you break them in and they start to mold to your feet. When wearing heels, take short steps. Long strides in high heels make you look clumsy!"