A Clean, Green Perfume

Whenever I hear about a perfume with a “clean scent,” I’m intrigued. Maybe that’s because the southern ladies I grew up around didn’t really have a light hand when it came to perfumes--it was more like they bathed in their favorite fragrances. And that made me determined to smell, well, clean but not perfumed. Anyway, I think I just found my new favorite scent: Shenandoah by Terri Michele ($30). The name kind of makes me think of a bodice-ripping romance novel, but hey, that’s perfume-related, right? The line comes in many forms—body lotion, candles, eau—but I like the perfume oil, because I just love the roll-on action. I do wrist dabs and then move to my neck. Pulse point application makes the scent stand out, I hear.

Fragrance mixologist Terri Weitzman, who operated a small company out of her kitchen, paired up with “perfume aficionado” Michele Kaplan and they created the Shenandoah line specifically because they were “tired of the excesses in the heavily perfumed fragrance market.” Hey, me too! Nicole Richie and Ashley Tisdale are fans as well. Who knew?

Another bonus: The product is packaged in a very green way, which is always appreciated.

The official info is that Shenandoah has bergamot, white lily and lotus flower, with hints of freesia, ylang ylang, sandalwood and white musk. While that all sounds complicated (ylang ylang?) the beauty of the smell is that it’s simple. And clean. Finally.