Delight-ful Deals

Sometimes we come across a website that has cool, affordable stuff, and we can’t wait to tell people about it. That’s the case with Bonus: We set up a discount for I Heart Daily readers. Now through Friday (Feb 2-6, 2009), use coupon code IheartDaily for a 15% discount on all merchandise. (That’s case sensitive, btw.)

Here are three products we heart-ily recommend:

1. Never Lose Your Luggage Peppy Luggage Tags ($13.50). Time to trash those free airline paper tags in favor of a brighter, more unique accessory for your suitcase.

2. Origami Sticky Notes ($3.75). Sticky notes are fun anyway, but when they come in a pad that has instructions for turning each one into any of 10 different shapes (including pig, squirrel, lily and penguin), they’re positively a party in a pad.

3. Baby Grobal: The Cutest Self-Watering Plant Pot Ever ($12.75). With a name like that, these plants are born confident. And since I can hardly keep a cactus alive, I’m ready for a plant that waters itself.