Hey, Josh! The Valentines-for-Guys Gift Guide

You guys probably know Josh Shipp, who doles out advice at Hey Josh and makes videos that entertain and inspire (watch your back, Oprah). Well, in honor of Saturday’s holiday, we asked him for some thoughts on V-Day behavior. So without further ado, we give you The Hey Josh ‘Gifts for Guys’ Manual: Ladies. Valentine’s Day is approaching and I’ve heard that some of you are confused as to whether or not it’s too soon to bestow a gift upon your beloved. Fear Not. Check out the following gifts that would each bring a huge smile to my face. I have divided them by how they shall affect your economic state. Behold.

$. Modern Mix Tape ($20). Store 64MB’s of tunes on the drive stick--that’s about one-hour of digital music. Pack stick in the gift case. Then jot down the playlist and possibly a love haiku.

$$. A Wallet! ($45-60). Why? Guys typically keep the same wallet forever until it turns into a beat-up piece of cowhide that they’ll never replace. Think of it this way, guys always pack a wallet. Thus, if you give them a wallet, each time they use it, they’ll be reminded of you! Bonus Idea? Stash a pic of yourself in there!

$$$. Apple In-Ear Headphones ($79). Every guy has an iPod. These rad earphones take it to a whole notha level. If you are looking to spend a little more coin, buy these headphones at your local apple store or online. Want to add an extra special Valentine’s Day touch? Give him a personalized playlist of your favorite songs that he can listen to.

As a bonus, Josh created the Hey Josh V-Day Gift Giving Matrix to show you how much you might want to spend, based on how long you’ve been dating (the varied symbols are just for color and fun).

Thanks, Josh! Josh is a spokesperson for National Foster Care Month, a marathon runner and a guitar hero. He loves music and places to hold his money, like most guys. Need more advice? Friend him on facebook. He also makes cool videos.