Style Steal: Lockets

It’s always fun when inanimate objects have secrets, and lockets are the most romantic type of jewelry I can think of for just that reason. What’s behind the clasped pendant? Your parents? Your boyfriend? Your… dog? (That’s whose photo was in my locket in 7th grade, though I pretended it was something much more exciting and would never open it for curious friends.) Here are 5 stylish ways to keep your Valentine secret this year--some one-of-a-kind, all $30 or less:

1. Bird Locket from niceLena ($30). Big bird, tiny heart, and a hanging gem that sort of looks like a dropping. But in a cool way.

2. Book of Secrets from heartworksbylori ($26). This recessed locket has enough room for a tiny little note (or a particularly good fortune cookie scroll--you know you save them).

3. Key Chain Charm from Urban Outfitters ($18). A locket, your initial and vintage-style keys hang from this casually cluttered key chain.

4. Tri-Chain Locket from Forever 21 ($6). Three chains, two floral-patterned lockets, one lovely neckline.

5. Rose Locket from Botanical Bird ($22). A vintage locket with brass filigree flower and yellow rose cabochon on a brass chain. Go ahead, click on cabochon (I had to look it up too--it’s a great word).