Sweet Feet

Foot creams are a slight obsession of mine, and I’m always searching for the best incarnation of this beauty staple. I’ve decided, however, that there is not one, but two near-perfect options: Lush’s Fair Trade Foot Lotion ($19.50, 7.9 oz, pictured). This is like a pot of liquid peppermint candy. The smell is appropriately intense, the consistency is yogurt-like (but not in an icky way) and the color is pure Barbie. Genius, and worth the price for such a big tub -- plus the ingredients are sustainable and ethically sourced. As part of Lush’s Charity Pot program, every penny of the retail price (excluding tax) goes to charities supporting animal rights, environmental protection and humanitarian concerns. Do-Gooder Bonus!

Barielle Total Foot Care Cream ($12, 2.5 oz). Originally, Barielle made creams to treat racehorse hooves -- so you know they don’t mess around. This cream is a soft, whipped shea butter, and it feels light and airy and soothing. There are some kooky instructions here about microwaving your socks and leaving this cream on overnight, which might be a fun slumber party game, but it works the normal way too. You know, you can just put it on after you shower.

Of course, you don’t have to use anything for your dry feet, but open-shoe season is right around the corner. I’m just saying.