We Heart Venus Zine!

Even though Melissa and I run this web site, belong to MySpace and Facebook, read a hundred blogs a day, have multiple Twitter accounts, and virtually document our lives on Flickr, we still love reading a good old-fashioned magazine. And one of our favorites is Venus Zine. Venus has been circulating among cool, cultured young women since 1995 (it started out as a photocopied zine run out of a dorm room). If you want original stories on new bands, culture, art and inspiring DIYers, get your hands on a copy.

Its amazing new issue with Evan Rachel Wood gracing the cover hits stands March 2, but we were lucky to get an exclusive sneak preview! (Aren't we special?) Here five stories for you to look forward to:

ACROSS THE SEA 1. "Scene and Unheard: Osaka, Japan" This feature uncovers cool culture from around the world -- in this case, Osaka, Japan. What do you get when you cross the Ramones and the Donnas? You get Scandal, a spunky quartet of Japanese girls, playing sweet as sugar rock 'n' roll.

GREEN TIP 2. "Declare Thumb War" Alleviate the guilt of killing one of Mother Nature's kindred with these plant suggestions. Here, Venus recommends four great plants that are super easy to keep alive and out of your trash can (not that I know anything about that Ahem!). My favorite is the aloe vera plant, because come summer, I'll be able to use it on my pink nose.

ARTIST WE LOVE 3. "Lucy Knisley" Thank you Venus for introducing me to the work of Lucy Knisley! When this art student spent six weeks in Paris, she documented her stay -- and what she ate -- in an illustrated journal, which is now the graphic novel, French Milk. Even if you're not a fan of comic books, this is one to check out. Très adorable.

AMAZING LADIES 4. "25 Under 25" This feature is a smorgasbord of 25 inspiring and talented young women, ranging from actresses (Alia Shawkat), a mountain climber (Samantha Larson), writers (Helen Oyeyemi) and musicians (Lady Sovereign). Cool girls, doing cool stuff. Thumbs up.

CUTE STUFF FOR PURCHASE 5. "Major Brand vs Made By Hand" You regular I Heart Daily readers know about our love of Etsy, the shopping site where DIY reigns Queen. In this chart, Venus does a comparison between major brand goods and handmade goods, including fashion, beauty and accessories. Who wins? You be the judge.

These stories are just a tasty morsel of the huge delicious cookie that is the issue, so if you like what you see, don't hesitate to get a subscription! (Also, forgive me for the horrible cookie analogy. I'm quite hungry.)