Bacon Bracelets, People

Beth Cummings makes bacon bracelets ($18). I feel like that sentence alone should stop you in your tracks and call you directly to her site, do not pass go, do not finish reading this post. But then you’d miss other wonders of Beth’s. She’s the creator of Diffraction, a line of handmade jewelry based around her own original photographs, which are transferred to thick plastic. The photos are then hand-shaped, sealed and wired. “I love looking at the intricacies of the otherwise ordinary,” explains Beth. “There is beauty everywhere if you just look. And as for the bacon bracelet, let’s face it, nothing beats bacon.”

A girl after my own heart. Vegetarians, check out these other offerings:

1. The Rose Leaf bracelet ($18). Okay, so it’s a little more delicate than the bacon. We won’t fault you for choosing this one instead.

2. Fruit earrings. Choose strawberry danglies ($24) or orange studs ($12). These are way more subtle than a Chiquita Banana hat, but still deliciously fun.

3. Elephant bobby pins ($7 set of 2). In Beth’s Roadside America collection, elephants wear glasses. Which cracks me up.

Tell Beth that you heard about her stuff on I Heart Daily and get a free gift with purchase. Just don’t buy out all the bacon before I get some!

PS-If you really want to know more about how much I love bacon, click here. Seriously, do it. You won’t be sorry. (And you can do it you-style too. Instructions here.)