Happiness in Wax Form

It’s almost spring! Some days, you just want a bit of brightness, a punch of color, and a little sprinkle of artsy added to your life. Enter Jumbo Flower Rainbow Crayons by Art 2 the Extreme creator Nicole Hanley. Each one is unique in its array of shades, and they’re made from recycled crayons. Did I mention I’m totally nostalgic for kindergarten art class? Who isn’t?! Ah, Play-Doh (yes, that is the official spelling!) and giant chalk… those were the days.

Anyway, buy a set of three of these for just $7 (you can also choose stars or hearts or mini people!), and put them front and center on your desk. Rub a dash of whimsy on notes to your friends. Rainbows make everyone smile. Besides, florals were big for spring on the runway, and these crayons are a pretty affordable way to pick up the trend. Happy coloring!