Misako Rocks Prom

Because Prom is coming up, we found an awesome illustrator to draw a Prom comic that incorporated fashion. She goes by Misako Rocks!, and she chose that last name for herself, which is kind of amazing. Click on the image at left to see her creation in its full glory. Misako draws manga-style cartoons for lots of venues, like The Onion, and she also writes graphic novels. Her latest is the first volume of Detective Jermain, a madcap mystery featuring fainting students and two very, very cute guys. Seriously, they’re even hot in cartoon form. I could not decide whom to love more, and neither could Jermain, which is why I can’t wait for Volume 2.

Misako has worked as a puppeteer, face painter, animal balloon maker, and art teacher. Seriously. Now she lives in Brooklyn and rides a vintage bike around the neighborhood. In short, Misako does rock. And yes, her books are shelved under “R” in stores. Friend her on MySpace here.