Muziic To Our Ears

When I’m jonesing for a certain song, I’ll just search for it on YouTube--it’s always there. Just today, I’ve listened/watched videos by the New Pornographers, Daft Punk and Paula Abdul (who could forget that dancing cartoon cat in “Opposites Attract”?). The one frustration I have, though, is I’d really like to create a streaming playlist, so I don’t have to keep on returning to YouTube to search for another song or hit play again. Well, whadyaknow? My wishes have been answered! Hallelujah!

David Nelson, 15, and his father have come up with Muziic, the YouTube media player. Muziic is free downloadable software that enables you to stream music directly from YouTube without the inconvenience of having to keep a browser open. Just search for a song via Muziic and add it to a customized playlist--it works a lot like iTunes (without, ahem, the cost).

So, thank you David for your technological masterminding. The next time I listen to Paula Abdul, you’ll be in my thoughts.