Read It: Awesome Books Round-up

Time to find your new best friends in the strong, funny, heart-stirring heroines of three just-released novels: Wherever Nina Lies by Lynn Weingarten (Scholastic). For three years, 17-year-old Ellie’s older sister Nina has been missing--and Ellie is determined to find her. Following clue after clue, Ellie embarks on a road trip that brings her closer to romance, danger, and the shocking truth about her sister’s disappearance. Between the fascinating characters and moving sisterly love, Weingarten layers thrills with emotional depth in this edge-of-your-seat adventure.

Same Difference by Siobhan Vivian (Scholastic). Emily, 16, has the chance to spend half-days at a prestigious art school in Philadelphia, splitting her summer between the city and her hometown of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Soon, she finds herself torn between the art world--where everyone wants to be unique, and the suburbs--where fitting in is practically required. Throughout this book, there are moments when you feel like you are Emily; it's a beautifully written coming of age novel.

Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson (Viking). Books that deal with eating disorders always make me nervous, but I should have guessed that in Anderson’s deft hands, the story inside Wintergirls would be as lovely as its cold, sparkling cover. Spending time in 17-year-old Lia’s haunted, anorexic mind is both riveting and revolting. Anderson says she wrote Wintergirls after hearing from readers who responded to her much-acclaimed Speak. I dare you not to cry when you watch this video about its inspiration: