Room Service, Please!

All winter, Melissa has been sporting dark purple nail polish. I can best describe it as a shade somewhere between Barney and Grimace’s complexion. In other words, perfect! But now that we’ve gained that extra hour of daylight and the snow is melting, I’ve started packing my  sweaters and picked out my signature nail color for spring! No more dark reds and midnight purples. I’m all about lightening it up with some softer colors, and my recent obsession is OPI’s "Room Service" -- a very light lavender, almost as if someone put a drop of purple in a bottle of white out. The color is part of OPI’s new "Soft Shades" collection that is full of pretty pastels (you’d be amazed at how many shades of pink exist).

And you know you’ve got a killer shade when people at the salon look at your nails in jealously, regretting their choice of a traditional pink or red. Plus, the color reminds me of Smarties candy. If I get really hungry, I start to salivate looking at my nails wishing I had a roll. So for all you nail biters out there, this might not be the best color, but for the rest, enjoy your "Room Service"!