Sister Act: Sledge Grits Band

I Heart Daily loves musicians of the feminine persuasion. Then there is another subcategory of girls that rock, and that is sisters who rock! From the garage rock sounds of the Shaggs to twin sister groups like the Veronicas and Tegan and Sara, what’s more endearing than a band that shares much of the same DNA (and possibly some secrets)? The other day, I made my newest sister act discovery. I was poking around on Daisy Rock’s web site, coveting its Retro-H guitar model, and I stumbled upon their news section, where they talked about a band of sisters called the Sledge Grits Band.

Haling from Salinas, CA, the four sisters -- Keiko (14, guitar), Kariel (12, bass), Mimi (9, singer), and Bo-pah (6, drummer) -- play blues-inspired songs, with Mimi belting out a very big voice for such a little person (I'm pretty sure even Simon Cowell would love her). They are currently competing on CBS Morning Show’s "Singing Family Face Off.” The winner -- as chosen by you, America! -- will win a record deal on CBS Records.

Watch the video of the girls performing and be sure to checkout Bo-pah playing drums, because…well, she’s just really cute! I challenge you to not immediately fall in love with her drumming abilities and amazing poof of hair. Go to CBS’s web site to cast your vote for them!