The Best Drugstore Mascara

My friend Jessica has amazing eyelashes. They are long, distinct, full and mod-inspired. In her estimation, at least eight to ten people have asked her what kind of mascara she uses. It happens at parties, in grocery stores and waiting in line for her soy latte (seriously, I've witnessed this!). Strangers just tap her on the shoulder and say: “Your lashes look soooo good!” Often, they think she’s wearing false eyelashes. So what’s the secret to her Bambi-esque blinkers? Some crazy, expensive line that’s only available in Japan? Eyelash extensions, perhaps? Nope! The answer can be found at your local drugstore. It’s L'Oreal's mascara, Lash Architect ($9).  In Jessica’s words, “it’s goopy, the wand is easy to maneuver and it doesn’t smudge or flake for about 10 hours.” Even after trying other more expensive department store brands, she always comes back to the trusty Architect.

Recently, I picked up my first tube of the Architect. I love it and can’t wait until Loreal comes out with its new, improved version: Bob the Builder.