3 Ways to Love the Earth

You drink out of your SIGG bottle, you dutifully recycle, maybe you even convinced your parents that what your family really needs is a Hybrid car. Today is Earth Day, so celebrate the efforts you make in daily life, and check out three earthy products we love--because we’ve got to keep the party going all year round: 1. Sole's Calling Recycled Flip Flops ($22). Those impressions in the sand pictured above? That’s what these babies do. Made from 30% recycled materials with 100% natural rubber straps, Sole Seekers make me happy with their simple, black, star-toed styling (and their left-behind love).

2. Eco-friendly sterling silver studs ($20). Designer Rhonda Wyman uses mostly recycled materials in her gorgeous little earrings from Calliope. They come in deer, bunny and bird shapes, and I feel close to nature in them. So there.

3. Classic String Bags ($5/each). I know, I did a roundup of eco-bags last week, but I had to show some love for these 70s-chic string versions that I just found! I remember my mom’s being beigy/brown but they come in all colors now, and they roll up into handy little balls. Neat!

Happy Earth Day!