Badass Hair Volume

I have really thin hair and am constantly seeking volume. I’ve tried numerous products--some leave me tangled, some leave me limp--and I’ve wondered if I’d ever find a solution that really works. Just last week, I did. Badass Hair “Up All Night” Volume Mist (4.5 oz, $22) comes in a spray bottle. Like, a genuine spray bottle--the kind that holds Windex, with the nozzle and the pump trigger and everything. I don’t have to tell you that the packaging is super fun.

And it’s practical, of course--that spray bottle distributes the mist really well through my roots. For the past couple of days, my hair has looked salon-volumized (and not in that bad way where they overstyle, but in a cool way).

Now that I’ve covered how much I’m into the Volume Mist, I’ll also mention that Badass Hair makesWicked Mint Shampoo (7 oz., $15) and Conditioner (7 oz., $18), both of which give my scalp a nice tingle while I’m washing. I'm a sucker for mint, and I always fall for tingle.

In short: Badass Hair is winning me over.